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Moving Maryland Forward Network

The Moving Maryland Forward Network (MMFN) is part of a bold vision to energize the strength of progressive advocates by connecting new online audiences in Maryland to the long and successful history of Maryland’s advocacy Leaders. MMFN is an initiative designed to transform advocacy campaigns in Maryland by building an advocacy network of Leaders who are capable of moving social and policy change more efficiently and effectively. The project is managed by Netcentric Campaigns and funded by the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

The top advocacy Leaders in Maryland are “networked” in a traditional sense. These key players know each other. Many organizations already work in specific coalitions or coordinated campaigns. MMFN is not designed to compete with those ways of working together. MMFN aims to layer in a robust and supportive network structure to complement the traditional and offline work of many good groups working in Maryland.  

MMFN aims to ensure traditional organizing is not disconnected from online discussion, online debates and power of online mobilizations. MMFN is designed to engage more people and improve the online and mobile organizing strategies of Maryland’s best advocates.  

 We need your help to spread the word today, so please take any of the following actions that you can;