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Time Management for the Maryland House & Senate

By -- April 24, 2012

O’Malley has announced that he will call a special session once the House and Senate reach a consensus. He even said he would have liked to have called the session “yesterday.” I had been wondering why he had been silent on the issue, but I never thought that he wasn’t going call a special session because based on what I’ve seen this year, O’Malley is not about to let us face the doomsday budget

However, I’m a little concerned about how long it will take for them to reach a consensus, since during the normal session this strangely didn’t happen. And in the meeting with Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch called by O’Malley, they still didn’t come to a final agreement on the scope or date of the expected special session. Some people think the session needs to happen in May because local governments approve their budgets in early June, but House Speaker Michael Busch says that the session can occur in June because the local governments’ budgets do not go into effect until July. I’m glad this realization may buy extra time, but if our legislators are anything like me, they will probably only get down to business close to the new deadline rather than take advantage of the extra time. I think it is more important to set an early deadline so that we don’t run into the same problems that happened in the general assembly. It sounds like some of our legislators might need a lesson in time management.

(For a review of what will happen if we allow the doomsday budget to stay, check out my previous blog post).