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  • We are organizing a campaign to send a "thank you" card to each of the more than 500,000 veterans in the state who have served their country willingly and faithfully. Such a campaign has never been attempted before. Please join us to brighten the day of a Maryland Veteran through this simple gesture of unexpected kindness - by saying, "Thank you!"

  • Maryland is defined by its incredible scenic beauty and awesome natural heritage, from the Bay to our beautiful family farms, forests, and historic communities.  But our treasured places and families are threatened by shale gas drilling (“fracking”), a destructive and dangerous practice that we must keep out of Maryland.

  • It’s time for Maryland to raise the minimum wage.

    Corporate profits are at an all-time high, but working families in Maryland are falling behind. At just $7.25 an hour, our state’s minimum wage is leaving hard-working families in poverty. Every year, prices go up while wages remain stuck, and making ends meet gets tougher for our families.

    Raising Maryland’s minimum wage to $10.10 will help 455,000 workers across the state by giving them a raise. This in turn will stimulate nearly half a billion dollars in economic activity over the next two years and actually create jobs to meet the demand for goods and services.

  • In Maryland pregnant incarcerated women are often shackled by their arms and/or legs to stirrups and birthing beds during medical appointments, transport, labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. While well-known to be unsafe and unnecessary this practice continues in our local detention centers and our state prison system. Maryland must change the law so that we stop this humiliating and dangerous practice.


  • MMFN Leaders Karla Raettig, Larissa Johnson, and Meredith Moise are working with the Maryland Climate Coalition to unite Marylanders to mitigate climate change to protect our environment, health and economy. Maryland already has an important clean energy law on the books — the Renewable Portfolio Standard — and it’s time to strengthen it.  The Coalition’s current goal is to get 20 percent of our electricity from clean sources by 2022.  But given the growing threat of climate change to our family farms, the well-being of our children, the health of the Chesapeake Bay and the stability of our economy, it’s time to aim higher. We believe Maryland is an energy leader in the country. By adopting a bold, achievable goal of 40 percent clean power by 2025, we will be trailblazers. 

  • MMFN Leader and Women’s Law Center Executive Director L. Tracy Brown is working with Equal Justice Works and the Ira & Mary Zepp Center for Nonviolence & Peace Education on innovative ways to decriminalize the experiences of human trafficking victims and to promote public awareness about the presence of human trafficking in Maryland.  Read about our work with Tracy and learn what you can do to help end human trafficking in Maryland.

  • MMFN is thanking Governor O’Malley for his leadership in creating a Climate Plan for the state of Maryland. MMFN Leader Larissa Johnson is working with the Maryland Department of the Environment, Maryland League of Conservation Voters and other environmental, faith, health, business and civic groups to ensure that Maryland remains a leader in this country in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  • MMFN Leader Marceline White and Franz Schneiderman from the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition are leading the stop the yo-yo scams campaign. A yo-yo scam is when the car dealer places the consumer in a conditional sales agreement rather than a final sales agreement. The conditional agreement says that a car dealer can cancel or change the terms of the deal after the buyer drives off the lot with the car. Often a consumer will purchase the car and drive it home, only to receive a call weeks later from the dealership saying the financing fell through and the buyer must renegotiate the loan. Tell Maryland car dealers to stop the Yo-yo scams. 

  • MMFN is thanking Governor O’Malley for the recent passage of the Firearms Safety Act of 2013 and gathering support for a full and proper implementation in order that its promise of improved public safety is fulfilled. MMFN Leader Vinny DeMarco, President of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence, led advocacy towards the landmark bill’s passage. Read more about our support for the bill and how it will reduce gun violence in Maryland.

  • MMFN Leader Ingrid Lofgren is working with the Homeless Persons Representation Project and others to ensure access to appropriate housing and supportive services for unaccompanied homeless youth. Read about our work with Ingrid to end youth homelessness in Maryland.

  • MMFN Leaders Carol Walker of Advocates for Children and Youth and Ben Orr from Maryland Center on Economic Policy are working on a campaign to ensure that the State of Maryland uses casino revenues to enhance and protect funding for public schools. Read about their work to make sure that Maryland will uphold this promise.

  • MMFN Leader Meredith Curtis is working with the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland (ACLU-MD) to repeal the death penalty in Maryland. Read about our work with Meredith to bring an end to capitol punishment in Maryland.

  • MMFN Leader Melissa Broome is leading a campaign on paid sick days. Read about our work with Melissa and Job Opportunities Task Force to provide paid sick days for all Maryland employees.