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Mark Patro

Mark Patro

Mark Patro is a Baltimore native and has lived most of his life between Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Mark is a long-time advocate for LGBT issues.

With connections to the early years of the Gay Community Center of Baltimore (now known as GLCCB) Mark worked as a volunteer from 1980 to 1984 on the Gay Paper (now Gay Life) which acts as the voice for the GLCCB.As of 2012 he is again involved with GLCCB as a member of the Advisory Council.

Since 2005 Mark has worked as an independent individual and as a PFLAG leader to build a conversational bridge between Faith (Christian, Unitarian-Universalist & Jewish) Communities and the LGBT community.

Mark is a founding member, and has been President of the PFLAG Baltimore County since January 2009. During that time he worked with:

-Equality Maryland and Senator Richard Madelano in 2009 to pass an inheritance rights bill for lesbian and gay couples in Maryland.

-PFLAG also worked with Equality Maryland, Gender Rights Maryland, Esimorp Coalition of Baltimore, TransMaryland and Baltimore County Councilman Tom Quirk to pass “An Act concerning Human Relations” (aka Bill 3-12) to add “sexual orientation" and "gender identity/expression” to the Baltimore County Code.

-Equality Maryland since Feb 2008 as District 8 legislative team leader.

-Founder of Light Brigade Maryland, which gathers groups of citizen advocates to hold lighted panels bearing a message to keep Maryland’s Civil marriage Protection Act from being over turned by the Question 6 referendum.

Since 2011 Mark has written an intermittent blog for Perry Hall Patch covering topics about marriage equality, bullying and gun violence in our community.

Since June 2012, Mark is also the lead organizer for the Perry Hall Community Garden which is still in its development stages.